Anthony Award Nominations are now open!

The Anthony Award is one of the most prestigious in crime fiction. Named in honor of author and critic Anthony Boucher, the awards celebrate the best in several categories and are awarded each year during the Bouchercon fan convention.

If you registered for last year’s Bouchercon in Dallas or have already registered for this year’s Bouchercon in Sacramento, you are eligible to nominate candidates for the awards. If you registered for both Bouchercons, you should only receive one email survey and can only nominate candidates once.

If you registered for Bouchercon 2020 before Feb. 26, 2020, you should have received an email asking you to complete a survey listing your candidates for an Anthony Award nomination.

If you register after Feb. 26, 2020, the nomination email list will be updated every Saturday and you should receive your email nomination survey no later than the Monday following the week that you register. (This will start with the second Monday in March, March 8, 2020.)

If you believe you should have received an email survey but have not gotten one, please take the following steps:

  • Please check your email program’s spam folder or “junk” folder. The email might have gone there.

  • If you still didn’t receive the email survey, have you ever opted out of a Survey Monkey survey in the past? If you have—whether it was a survey regarding Bouchercon or a different subject entirely—the Survey Monkey company may have deleted you from its lists. You will need to go to and re-enter your email.

  • If you have tried both of the above troubleshooting options and still haven’t gotten a survey, please email [email protected].

The nomination period will end on June 5, 2020.

Submission of candidates via the email survey does not mean that the submitted work has been nominated for an Anthony Award. After all of the submissions have been tabulated, the nominees in each category will be announced.

Everyone who registers for and attends Sacramento Bouchercon 2020 will get to vote for one nominee in each category. The awards will be presented on Saturday, October 17, 2020.


For Bouchercon 2020, books must have been published between Jan. 1, 2019 and Dec. 31, 2019. The categories are:

Best Novel

Best First Novel

Best Paperback Original

Best Short Story (please also have the source—magazine, anthology—where the story appeared)

Best Critical or Non-Fiction

Best Anthology (please have the editor’s first and last name as well as the title)

Best Young Adult Novel

**For Best Novel, a novel must have originally been published in hardback.

**For Best First Novel, a novel must be the first novel of any kind by that author. This includes novels written under pen names or novels written in other genres. (For example, if an author has previously published a novel in a different genre, they are not eligible for Best First in the Anthony Awards. The novel would be appropriately put in either the Best Novel or Best Paperback Original category.)

**For Best Paperback Original, a novel must have originally been published in paperback or as an e-book.

**For Best Critical or Non-Fiction, this is the category reserved for non-fiction works—biographies, true crime, forensic techniques, etc. It can be originally published as either a hardback, paperback, or e-book.

**For Best Anthology, the anthology must have been published between Jan. 1, 2019 and Dec. 31, 2019, even if it contains older stories.

**For Best Young Adult Novel, a novel must be marked for ages 13-18 or grades 8-12. It can be originally published as either a hardback, paperback, or e-book.

To determine which category a book belongs to, or are helpful resources.