California Schemin’

Bouchercon 2020’s anthology of short stories, California Schemin’, will be available in mid-October.

The anthology, edited by Edgar Award-winning Art Taylor, includes new stories by the Guests of Honor as well as a baker’s dozen of tantalizing, whimsical, edgy stories all reflecting the California theme.

Here’s the cover:


  • Jennifer Berg, “Schemes in the Dark”
  • Cara Black, “Cabaret aux Assassins”
  • David Boop, “Call Before You Die!”
  • Chris Dreith, “Old Soles”
  • Dixon Hill, “No Postman, No Doorbell”
  • Anthony Horowitz, “Camberwell Crackers”
  • Kim Keeline, “California Fold’em”
  • R.T. Koreto, “The Hollywood Gangster”
  • Joyce Kreig, “Last Call at the Zanzibar”
  • Ellen Clair Lamb, “The Assistant”
  • Catriona McPherson, “The Finishing Touch”
  • Walter Mosley, “Fearless”
  • Anne Perry, “An Affaire of Inconvenience”
  • Eileen Rendahl, “A Spoonful of Poison”
  • Christopher Ryan, “Hellhounds: Hollywood Demons”
  • Linda Townsdin, “Re-entry”
  • Scott Turow, “Tell Him No”
  • Gabriel Valjan, “Elysian Fields”
  • Carrie Voorhis, “The Fandancer’s First Murder”

California Schemin’ will be available from the publisher, Wildside Press, as well as online booksellers.